Stealing isn't cool. 


We've all encountered this in the small shop and social media community. Large suppliers in China are blatantly reproducing hard working Makers' original designs and even outright photos of our children without permission for their own marketing. Or even worse, locals touting themselves as small handmade shops using these cheap forgeries for their own business. 

The other problem with these carbon copies are often sub-par quality to the original, undercutting the original designer. Also, the employees making them are underpaid and even children working in awful conditions. If the price isn't right, well, that's probably why. 

As a small shop owner, you first try to deal with this forgery privately and respectfully. But when those in the wrong won't listen, it's time to speak up! After seeing too many friends go through the heart break of having their work ripped off, or a picture of their child all over the internet, let's call it what it is - STEALING! 

It wasn't cool in high school and it isn't cool now. We love to support and be inspired by this online community's creativity, however, this is a CALL TO ACTION to turn that inspiration into something original and give credit where credit is due. 

We want to see more transparency, authenticity and good old-fashion basic manners.

If you'd like to show your support of the honest movers, shakers and makers of the world please repost this image and feel free to call out inauthenticity in social media using the hashtag: #theSICmovement -- 

Thank you for supporting creatives, small shops, mompreneurs and content creators by joining the Stealing Isn't Cool Movement!